Pipeline Inspection
The Advantages of White-shark V50

Pipeline systems are often located underground or run for thousands kilometers with limited access for inspectors. It is very time-consuming and high cost for human inspectors to carry out the mission, instead, Autoflight White-shark V40 equipped with a thermographic camera is able to fly along the pipeline to detect any suspicious activities by recording, analyzing and feeding back real time videos from up to 100km away. 5G connection will help unlimited the range.

High performance for long-distance pipeline inspection

Ultra-long Endurance (5+hours)
Ultra-long Videolink & Datalink Transmission Range (100+KM)
Demand for Pipeline Inspection

Autoflight White-shark V40 is equipped with an RTK system that allows them to navigate according to GPS accurate to within a centimeter, Furthermore,  Autoflight uses infrared thermal imaging camera for the pipeline inspection, and recognizes timely such concerns as: erosion, vegetation overgrowth, highways, gas stations, and any other concerns client specified.

Flexible payload, for different application
Front battery compartment
Flexible payload (battery/cargo/equipment)
Rear battery compartment
Electro-optical pod
Drone center of gravity