Forest Fire Prevention
The Advantages of White-shark V50

     Forest fire is dangerous and threatens people needlessly. It is difficult to be prevented as the fire points are scattered. As a new system of fast acquiring real time TV imaging and infrared imaging from low altitude, White-shark V40 can help the decision makers direct the firefighting activities.

White-shark V40 is featuring for ultra-long endurance (5+hours), low operation cost 

and increasing the efficiency of the firefighting activities.

No runway required, easy for deployment, and great mobility.

Demand for Forest Fire Prevention
Accurate Temperature Measurement
Immediate Intel
Quick Positioning
Efficient Firefighting

V40 is equipped with an infrared camera, which is a powerful tool, for the commander to keep abreast of the fire situation, and to make sure ground personnel saving the fire timely.

Work Flow Chart of Forest Fire Prevention

In the event of a fire, Autoflight FlameWheel F240 carrying fire-extinguishing bombs is able to quickly arrive at burning area which might be difficult for firefighters to access,  and help put out the fire more efficiently.

Flame Wheel F240
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